Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Marriage Called Fake

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प्रकाशित: 6 days ago
After “The Cut” posted an article questioning whether Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ love was real, Sangita Patel and Graeme O’Neil share Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s reaction during ET Canada Live.

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comment  टिप्पणियाँ

I don't like Nick & I never liked Priyanka ( No offense to anyone juts personal preference ) But I really love them together Idk why xD

32 minutes ago

I love PC and Nick

1 hour ago

Stardom is actually still exists in India and for Bollywood starts and thats the part they are missing it. Once they understand how stardom works with Bollywood celebrities they wouldnt question it.

1 hour ago

These weddings such as Nick and Priyanka and Ranveer and Deepika are at least making people know about the importance of Indian Culture and how rich it is!! A mega star wouldn't need fake wedding propaganda for Career and all! The Cult didn't do their proper research before putting the Article, they should've known who Priyanka Chopra is and what is her standing in the world!

2 hours ago

They are already married. Fake or not, it's not your business. Let just pray for their happiness. Everyone deserves happiness.

2 hours ago

Priyanka is Priyanka Nothing is Fake.She is already populer:)

2 hours ago

fake news

4 hours ago

we Indian people never knows Nick Jonas before he get married with!! so stop commenting on Priyanka...she is the great that no one can beat....

4 hours ago

Priyanka Chopra is mega international star. Why she needs a fake marriage?

4 hours ago

Hello...Priyanka is real!!! Nothing fake about guys just envy...hellooooo

5 hours ago

Priyanka comes from one of the dirtiest countries. Let's not forget the highest in rape as well. No morals. I have no idea what Nick is doing. He just degraded himself.

6 hours ago

Oh just don't be judgemental about countries! If that's so then your so called president Trump would not visit a degarded country like India and wouldn't sign executive orders of the United States with India. India is the largest Democracy and if you guys have Google, I think then research about the importance of India! I've been to the States and it's not a bad county neither India. So don't label countries on your stupid judgements. Proud Indo American

2 hours ago

She seems into him, Nick not so much. He is still in love with Olivia. My opinion

6 hours ago

i think cut is bingo being an indian know few things about this girl. she has been in many relationship and could not find true love but her career was going fine.
i think she is trying to boost her career and enter hollywood. i have said earlier and i will say it again. i know when couple is fake this one looks lot like it. when money is gone and she finds a new dick. both will mutually end this relation.

7 hours ago

Stop being jealous of Priyanka as well as Nick. Nobody stopped you from working hard and earn money like Priyanka earned and Nick earned. At least earn as much money she has on ur own basis then have the face to question her.

8 hours ago

Omg if u all noticed all the Bollywood marriages are always big

10 hours ago

Racism, pure and simple.

12 hours ago

I agree looks fake.
Infact they earned a lot of money selling their marriage.
It was all sponsored.

12 hours ago

OMG, She is such a cute dog - >

13 hours ago

this marriage is a 100% fake marriage. Priyanka may not get much roles in bollywood and in hollywood also her future is also not bright. She sings so she must be planning something in music industry so obviously baby Jonas is a ladder. People who support Priyanka here shoudl know that she is 36 now. Not a youth any more. as the age advances, woman will stop getting youthful roles. I am sure this marriage is 100% not going to last. Baby jonas is only 25 and he has a long future ahead as a youth unlike PC. I think PC herself, dont see any future for this marriage. She may not aim at money, but certainly she would aim at a track change in her career as a singer and some advertisement deals. Thats how every actress do in the later stage of their careers.

13 hours ago

It's love. stop y'all jealous creeps

14 hours ago

Americans are so ignorant to who she actually is. Im from Asia and grew up watching Bollywood and Disney movies (which Nick Jonas was in) and I can say, PC has achieve far more greater things in life than Nick. Going to Hollywood isn't EVERYTHING. She's made millions in her hometown. Act in nearly 50 movies. And is one of the highest paid actress in India. If she, infact really wanted to boost her career in Hollywood, how is Nick Jonas going to help her again? Someone whom i know only appeared in Camp Rock, sang kid pop songs in Jonas Brothers then started singing Cake by the Ocean once he split from his brothers. If I wanted to boost my career in Hollywood, I'd marry someone like George Clooney or Chris Hemsworth or damn even Dwayne "the rock" Johnson. Who even is Nick Jonas? People are saying they're milking their marriage by publicising their Wedding to magazines and getting sponsors and making it a royal you seen Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble wedding??? or any other Bollywood weddings?! They're always GRAND! Now let Miss World have her moment!

15 hours ago

LMAO BITCHES! First my woman Priyanka has been more relevant EVEN BEFORE NICK STARTED HIS CAREER! Just because she married him doesn’t make her lesser than him and she has done far MORE and worked HARDER and for LONGER so don’t even come at her saying she’s a scam. I swear to god the whole South Asian community will come for Hollywood if they don’t shut their fucking tramps up like I love Nick Jonas but have ya’ll seen how good our movies are? Just because it’s not Hollywood, Bollywood movies are done on a way higher scale and I’m COMPLETELY sure Priyanka’s
net worth is higher so don’t even fucking compare them. Y’all just trying to break their marriage up, istg this is why I hate the media.

18 hours ago

No one in Bollywood was willing to marry her. She tried every married man but failed miserably. Her skin is very dark and her features are African which are not liked in India. She went through many plastic surgeries and was totally unemployed when her married lovers SRK and Ambanis spent millions of dollars to sponsor her in America. Her movies don't work in India anymore. She caught a white kid to get light skin kids and more work in the US cuz she is done in India. All Indians are trying that. Save your endangered race, you stupid white folks.///////////

19 hours ago

In Indian culture, it’s tradition to show it off! It’s not fake!!

22 hours ago

He looks like a lost puppy. She looks like she is totally in her element; and she is! Miss world, Bollywood's superstar not to mention schmoozer par excellence! Is it fake? Could be. What do we know?! Could it be real? Could be, what do we know?!! I don't like PC. I never have. I have avoided so many Bollywood films because she was the lead chicka in it. I am borderline hating her, can't stand her, always thought she was a you know... "at any cost" girl! But .... they do look happy. They laugh together a lot and despite her looking like his mummy, I am all for women going after love, no matter the age. Let's hope we find in them, another Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn rather than Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (although, Demi/Ashton relationship was so beautiful!!!). Meh! Wishing them luck! Just cause I can't stand PC doesn't mean she is not entitled to her share of happiness, love, joy and Jonas babies!! Good luck!

22 hours ago

She’s a very successful woman before they meant each other, get a life people

23 hours ago

Are you all crazy... Can't you stop bothering and leave them to live happily in their marriage life....

23 hours ago

Not Pari fan but love her Indian movies❤️💋 but tbh ppl shouldn’t be calling their marriage fake cuz first isn’t ur marriage so ppl really needs to keep their lil dirty mouth shut ffs🤦🏽‍♀️

1 day ago

Hello ET Canada, please do some research about Indian celebrity weddings all of them do this because it crazy ridiculous the crowd following, dont forget just indian population is second biggest.

1 day ago

I think they don’t know what Indian wedding is like ..thts normal to have multiple events and outrageously grand wedding .. and why not .. u only get married once

1 day ago