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डाउनलोड लिंक उत्पन्न करना, कृपया प्रतीक्षा करें . . .

उत्पन्न डाउनलोडेबल लिंक

प्रकाशित: 1 week ago
Just Cause 4 reviewed by Dan Stapleton on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Every Vehicle in Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4's New Grapple Is Off the Hook - IGN First:

Just Cause 4: Flying Across the World of Solís - IGN First:

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comment  टिप्पणियाँ

I would give this game a 9.

I'm lying

5 minutes ago

>2:07 All hail the magic conch

3 hours ago

You can use the balloons on a car then use the car as floating platform to shoot on

5 hours ago

i just got it and i am so disappointed is not what i was expecting i dont know were to start

7 hours ago

so call of duty game the same for years and got 9s ?

8 hours ago

Does it still run at 25fps on the PS4? Just Cause 3 ran terribly bad.

19 hours ago

The A.I is crap in this game

20 hours ago

For those complaining about the graphics being toned down, it's because of the weak hardware consoles are running on and to maintain 'parity' with them. Honestly, this makes me despise console gaming even more along with 30 fps locks.

23 hours ago

Liked just cause 1, loved just cause 2, but hated just cause 3, and now 4 looks the same as 3

1 day ago

Unfinished game,just awful graphics and awful frame rates.

1 day ago

They’ve done 35 videos on the game, and still give it a 7.9

1 day ago

Not enough sky to freefall in. 3/10 - IGN

1 day ago

A mix of Wolverine and *Secret Squirrel


1 day ago

Timed missions you say? "NO THANKS" That's a game killer. When are these companies going to learn that the majority of players don't like timed missions. Time to move on.

1 day ago

This game has absolutely dreadful reviews on Steam. Must be completely broken on PC!

1 day ago

always has been a milked shitty franchise

1 day ago

3 is actually better

2 days ago

Just Fail

2 days ago

Still prefer platform games and sport games even after all these attempts to give better graphics to new games. I find roaming on certain games boring and games with sunny skies makes me want to cry with frustration.

2 days ago

How long does it take to beat?

2 days ago

I've had it with sandbox games, give me linear anyday

2 days ago

Can't wait for Just Cause 5 England

2 days ago

What if: Red dead online. Was an online game? Mind blowing

2 days ago

Visual garbage, looks the same as 3. After several hours of playing I wiped it out and did not mean to play more. Throwing money and time is this game.

2 days ago

They should just give Rico finally a Iron Man style armor with actual flight capabilities and super strength. It's the only logical next step if the team plans to keep doing these games.

3 days ago

But does it FeEl like Just Cause game?

3 days ago

ha! 7.8/10 steam reviews say otherwise

3 days ago

60 euros DLC huh.

3 days ago

This would be fun as a coop game

3 days ago

Question: where or how frequent is the strong language in this game? while it isn't a problem for me, it is for my parents and I would like to know if it's strictly cutscenes that have it or if the enemies say stuff like that in the open world. Also I don't want to spoil the game so I'm not watching all the cutscenes.

3 days ago