The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone XS issue #ChargeGate

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Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.

1 month ago

I dont have an iPhone XS only 5S and 6

1 week ago

Unbox Therapy my issue on my xs max is that when in portrait mode, my depth “f emblem” doesn’t appear. Nor when I take a picture and try to edit it there isn’t a depth symbol or adjustment of depth. Even after I updated everything, still didn’t appear. Any tips on how to fix this?

4 weeks ago

The first thing I say when I see all the iPhones all I need is one!

1 month ago

Unbox Therapy I really a fan of apple I was thinking of getting the xs

1 month ago

This happen to me too

1 month ago

I have the same filing problem lol and I’m using 6s

18 minutes ago

Tried on my xs..worked fine. Hallelujah praise jesus

32 minutes ago


46 minutes ago

Who says we all just need to go back to flip phones😂

49 minutes ago

It's like a roulette...

3 hours ago

I faced the same problem with my iPhone XR , it just can’t charge until I flip over it

4 hours ago

I have a Xs mines fine what’s going on ?

4 hours ago

i think this problem is that..
when ur phone is not charge like it is down 15,% or 20% it will charge
if it is 20%and up it will not charge on sleep mode🙂
i think that this is the problem☺️

5 hours ago

This is the definition of a first world problem

6 hours ago

And that's why I use a Samsung phone.

6 hours ago

when he says real money. good money. what does good money mean beacause i dont think 1000 dollars/pounds is a good price

6 hours ago

My mom regretted an iphone xs max for trading her iphone 8 she said there wasn't alot of features and the only thing she realized that there was an emoji talking machine lol and worst thing is she realized that there was no home button.

7 hours ago

Yup even nintendo switch is better for gaming than this shit.

7 hours ago

I don’t habe the Problem

7 hours ago

I’ll keep my iPhone 8 Plus. Next time I’ll get a phone I’ll be going back to android.

7 hours ago

Blackberry key 2 black edition is the best cellphone in the world 🌍

7 hours ago

Lol thank god I’m getting the XR. I ain’t spending $1200 on it, even though $800 for the XR is pretty much just as outrageous

7 hours ago

I don’t have a problem with my 6s plus 😂

7 hours ago

I’ve had the same issue with my XR as well

8 hours ago

Well I’m watching 2 days before I get my iPhone Xs max 🤦‍♂️ 😂

8 hours ago

This happens not just with new iPhones, it happens with apple products in general

8 hours ago



8 hours ago


9 hours ago

This also appens with my SE dunno what to do maybe get new cabble?

9 hours ago

When I plug my iPhone X max and I turn it off it won’t charge until I turn it on smh

9 hours ago

Iphone people always has complained about their devices

9 hours ago

Apple is overpriced garbage.

10 hours ago

This man is iPhone biggest enemy.

11 hours ago

You are dumb & your vids fucking suck fucking male bimbo!

12 hours ago