The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It.

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प्रकाशित: 1 month ago
This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone, I don't think it's a great value.


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Which smartphone should I switch to next?

1 month ago

silent circle Blackphone 2

1 week ago

mate 20 pro

1 week ago

Nokia brick

3 weeks ago

Huawei Mate 20 pro

1 month ago

cadenza....... what do you think?

1 month ago

USB-C is a must for Apple!!! I also wish they would have included a 29W charger instead of paying over $70 for it.

1 hour ago

Too late...

3 hours ago

is it any good for myspace ??

3 hours ago

why are people still paying the high prices for iphones these days ?? dont people know tech stuff ?

4 hours ago

A BlackBerry. lol

5 hours ago

Time to sell both my kidneys

8 hours ago

I’ve got it, fantastic iPhone 😍

10 hours ago

I really love my phone "Asus Zenfone Max M1 Pro and Lenevo k9 note here

10 hours ago

Coming from an IPhone 7 Plus , what would be my best option to upgrade to ?

11 hours ago

U always prmote pixel phone so every time iphone x or iphn x max is worst..!!!
And phone experts even like iphn. Grow up., don’t do for money do for yourself

11 hours ago

never again Apple or mac

12 hours ago

I dont like big phones the look like tablets on your hand i rather small like this one

12 hours ago

I seriously don’t get it why the f apple will sell the iPhone for 2g in India

12 hours ago

YES DONT BUY APPLE PRODUCTS! Be Smart people it's almost 2019...

12 hours ago

You are saying this cuz you have a samsung

13 hours ago


14 hours ago

What's with this faux-intellectual 'everything is relative' bullshit?

Splitting hairs and making simple things complex isn't intelligent you know.

If you want to be bitchy then you can say 'this product has good hardware and/or software'...but that's a whole different thing than saying 'this is a good phone'. Saying 'this is a good phone' means it has good hardware, good software AND good price.

Or are you saying if KFC raised the price of their zinger to $200 you would say 'this is a good meal!'. No, it might be a good TASTING meal, but it is NOT a 'good' meal as it is grossly overpriced.

15 hours ago

I had to buy a really budget phone due my other one (htc old 1) breaking its screen and my job becoming unstable.The Samsung J5 seems to do everything I want it to do (ok camera not high end but its good enough) and feel I dont need a high end phone anymore as these budget phones are as powerful as smart phones a few years ago.

16 hours ago


16 hours ago

Buy the phone, you won’t regret it. Best phone I’ve ever had, by far. Just get insurance😂

19 hours ago

God I don’t know if I want the xr max or the xr

22 hours ago

I love my iPhone xmax

1 day ago

So who’s watching this after they bought a xs max 😂

1 day ago

The only reason why I bought an iPhone was because it’s considered cool. Now that everybody thinks big is better and my 7 isn’t good enough anymore, I’d consider to buy the XR but in my opinion it doesn’t have any advantages towards the X. 🤔

1 day ago

get a Oneplus 6, you'll be happier.

1 day ago

Oh I love this video (Music is a big +)

1 day ago

I admire how you applied an all black background to hide the bezel and the top notch... not sure if you did that on purpose but it really does make it look nice.

1 day ago

When you are on an installment plan, say the At&t 24 month plan, that allows you to upgrade every year, and your total monthly phone bill is between $110-$120 a month including the phone installment plan, say for an iPhone XS Max 512gb, getting this phone to me is no brainer, as before installment plans you were on a 2 year contract putting $200 down, being stuck under that 2 year contract. I now pay $116 a month, and get unlimited everything including the phone installment payment, so that $1499.00 price tag for the phone doesn't mean anything. I was paying $109 a month before getting 450 minutes, 5000 text, and 2gb internet a month on the two year contract. to me the current setup is a way better deal. As a PC/MAC repair store owner, I can tell you the constant daily charging of your phone wears down the battery. Using the 24 month installment plan, getting a new phone every year is the best option for anyone in good standing with their cell phone provider.

1 day ago

mate 20 pro

1 day ago