The Samsung Galaxy S10 Changes EVERYTHING!

डाउनलोड लिंक उत्पन्न करना, कृपया प्रतीक्षा करें . . .

उत्पन्न डाउनलोडेबल लिंक

प्रकाशित: 2 weeks ago
RIP iPhone? The Samsung Galaxy S10 Promises To Revolutionize Smartphones. Nothing will ever be the same! First Look & Rumors.

2019 iPhone Leaks:


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A perfect device needs it hardware to be compatible with THE SOFTWARE. That makes apple a premium product. samsung and others need a perfect revolutionary software than the android.

1 hour ago

How mach

1 hour ago

Lots of adverts. Too bad; you do seem to know what you are taking about but 3 in 4 minute make you seem incoherent.

2 hours ago

The I-Phone (Idiot Phone or Inept-Phone) is the only handset that doesn't include a headphone jack.

3 hours ago

能换电池吗?每天盯着手机充电2-3次 很烦,总担心出门手机电量不足,如果 内置电池出现质量问题 ,消费者又无法看到,是不是这种原因才会 ----导致手机充电爆炸吗?

4 hours ago

Apple because samsung always wait new apple phone to launch and develope a batter phone to beat apple.

7 hours ago

I love it. Will be waiting patiently. No phone has came out yet that made me want to leave my S8. This one seems sure enough as a perfect upgrade.

7 hours ago

They bet not remove the 3.5mm jack🤨

7 hours ago

I really, really hope they do away with the curved side edges on the screen tho!!! But, the new design will not allow for forward facing speakers?! booo

8 hours ago

It's really a8s ?

10 hours ago

Nah I'm happy with my s8 ☹

12 hours ago

Rip Apple

13 hours ago

Yea no thanks waiting for note 10 until then this crap compared to my lovely note 9

15 hours ago

Apples left on the dust☻

15 hours ago

I have samsung....

15 hours ago

Is that the final design? if so the front cam being a part of the screen is worst than those thing on top of iphonex screen.

16 hours ago

They better keep the headphone jack

16 hours ago

love you

17 hours ago

Apple has alot of resources, but when it comes to hardware, Samsung has been in the lead for years.

Come at me apple fanboys

18 hours ago

Honestly......who cares

19 hours ago

Androids be lame no matter which brand

21 hours ago

Don't get how this guy is so sure about what he's talking about. Is he from the future?

23 hours ago

very unprofessional

23 hours ago

I hope Samsung will integrate the blockchain ledger technology on it

1 day ago

are u using apple watch &tell Samsung is best ! so funny 😃

1 day ago

Wtf I just bought iphone 6s plus..

But Im watching this from Samsung galaxy grand my iPhone takes eternity to fully charge ugh.

1 day ago

Yeah. It gonna take big chunk of your account balance book too and few years after that. No savings just bunch of used

1 day ago

I have the S9 but, I will definitely be getting the S10🤩😍

1 day ago


1 day ago

don't really care that much for phones but it would be interesting for a tablet to incorporate all these options. A berzelius tablet might be interesting. Though I would hate to see what would happen if it is dropped probably same thing happen for the phone.

1 day ago